Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Battlefield 1 - The 8 Entry in the franchise, not the first

We have all heard of this game at least once. You may have no idea on what it is or how it is played or even if it's a video game. It is of course a video game. A very popular one at that. Set in the brutal battle of World War 1, you have to fight for the side you get put on randomly depending on the map you are playing on in Multiplayer. The single-player campaign is called War Stories, where you play as a soldier in the war, and find their story. This game is definitely a multiplayer driven game, but I have played all of the War Stories and all though they are pretty short, they are great. This game is definitely one of the easier releases, and one of the better ones. (cough Hardline cough) Now I wasn't here to lecture about the past Battlefield games was I? Now let's get into it.

TIP NUMBAH 1: Know your map. Just know it. The layout. The secret areas. The best and newbiest spots to camp. It helps you just murder more people. You need to murder to win.

TIP NUMBAH 2: Know your weapons, and stick with one class for a while. Know the damage drop off, drop distance and damage. Snipers doesn't really apply because it is really easy to snipe in BF1.

TIP NUMBAH 3: Your gonna die, don't complain, or rage. Rage makes you do worse. STUDIES SHOW. Especially for you PC players out there. (just me and maybe those others) Damaging PC equipment is expensive and pointless.

TIP NUMBAH 4: Spend your warbonds (currency). You get them from leveling up, that's it. In the most recent update they added ribbons back. Which were in-game medals that you can earn for XP, maybe they will give you warbonds, but I don't know.

TIP NUMBAH 5: If you have friends to play with, do it. It makes the game somewhat more enjoyable. Depends on who you are, lonely or not.

TIP NUMBAH 6:  JUST HAVE FUN. This game will never go into a ESports type game, so don't even think that you will go pro. It's battlefield, your not that good.

I hope these tips helped you or will help you! If you knew these things, well congrats.
Image result for battlefield 1
This is what the game on Ultra Settings on PC and what the game will look like on PS4, not Xbox One. 
G.A.P. and D.T.M.

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