Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Dark Souls. You will die, several hundred times. Don't get mad

Dark Souls, or the Souls game series. Has currently 4 installments, with a side game that doesn't directly connect to them but is pretty much a Souls game. All of the games are hard, especially if you are new to the games. The game is a Role-Playing game, or a RPG. In the game you have classes to select from, those have no impact on the game. Your skill points you change throughout the game as you level up. There are many different 'skills' you can allocate your levels in. When you kill enemies, they drop souls. It takes a large amount of souls to level up, especially when you are going to the higher levels. There are 8 selections you can put your levels into. The 8 selections are: Vitality, this increases your max health, Attunement, which increases your 'attunement' slots, or you spell slots, Endurance, which increases your max stamina, also sometimes your defenses, strength, dexterity and faith, these both increase damage on certain weapons, some weapons have strength, dexterity and/or faith modifiers. The last two are intelligence and resistance, these both have little impact on the game. Now lets get into the tips!

TIP NUMBAH 1: You will die, so many times. Don't buy this game expecting to beat this game in a few hours. This game takes time. Lots of practice. You need to look up guides sometimes. This isn't one of those games you can take a break from either. You will get rusty, and therefore, suck at the game.

TIP NUMBAH 2: Parry. Parry all the time. You can't parry all enemies. Most small enemies you can. When you parry immediately push light attack. This creates a riposte that does critical damage. It is very useful and can save your life, but sometimes it can end it.

TIP NUMBAH 3: Use rolls. Definitely make sure you have a fast roll also. You will fail rolling if you have a 'medium' or 'fat' roll. Eventually if your equip load is to high you won't be able to roll at all.

TIP NUMBAH 4: Make multiple characters. This is useful because when you beat the game several times you start to be a master at it, all the locations of chests and rings. The game never gets boring especially since the game encourages multiple replays.

TIP NUMBAH 5: Last but not least, use builds. By builds I mean that have a certain weapon you want to use the whole game. Such as the Black Knight Sword. This weapon is a strength weapon. So you want to put your level points into strength. You want to put them in Endurance and Vitality also, but strength is your main weapon level point location.

These are the top tips I could come up with! Good luck! Don't break your console/pc because you are bad at this game! IT TAKES TIME AND PATIENCE!
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These are the games in the Souls series. Like I said, Bloodborne isn't really a game in the souls series, but then again it is.

7 Days to Die

Most of you probably haven't heard of this game. It's called 7 Days to Die, it's called 7 days to die for a reason. On the night of day 7 the horde comes to kill you. If you survive the horde, then on day 14 another horde comes and so on. 7 days is a multiplayer game so you can play with your friends. Get a couple of your friends and you will have a lot more fun. But lets get right into it!

TIP NUMBAH 1: Kills zombies at range. You can melee zombies but if you can make a bow, it will definitely increase your chance of survival. Later in the game you can find and even make guns. A gun will definitely help you.  

TIP NUMBAH 2:  Make sure you are in a house during the night. Do not go outside during the night. Zombie run at night and you can not out run them. If you do have to go out at night, make sure you have a gun!

TIP NUMBAH 3: Make sure you have enough food and water. Food and water are the most important thing in the game. Search buildings and kill animals too find food. To find water search houses and find a water source. DO NOT DRINK WATER STRAIGHT FROM A WATER SOURCE!!! Make sure you boil the water first. 

TIP NUMBAH 4: Play with your friends! I can't stress this enough!! If you play with your friends you will survive the zombies longer but there is a bad thing about it. Your food and water levels are very important and the more people you have the more food and water you need.
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TIP NUMBAH 5: USE YOUR SKILL POINTS!!!! Every time you level up you earn skill points. With these skill points you can level up certain things. For example you can make it so you don't have to eat as much and you don't have to drink as much. So use them as soon as possible!!!!